Website Development


It All Begins With Your Goals

We explain to new customers all the time that we aren’t in the business of building websites. We are not a “web design agency.” Rather, we are a search engine marketing firm that creates websites with marketing in mind. We see a project from web design and development through an ongoing marketing strategy.

Website Development
Website Development Process

Your Website Development Team

While the website process is handled by a dedicated project manager, you will also work with a Team Lead & SEO Specialist from the start. Their job is to make sure your website is built with SEO serving as the foundation.

The Website Process

The website process is handled by a dedicated project manager. A project manager serves as your go-to contact throughout the website process, and they will help the team coordinate during each phase of the project, from the point the project is scoped until the launch of the website.


  1. With each of our website projects, we initially have the client fill out a questionnaire. We then meet internally, discuss objectives, needs and possible issues before our initial meeting with the client. We have a kick-off meeting with the client to listen to their goals and ideas. For a website design to be successful and provide a great user experience, determining branding and content structure at the beginning of the project is crucial.
  2. Our collaborative team then works on an initial sitemap, focusing on SEO and usability. We then make a wireframe, which serves as a blueprint for the website, displaying easy to use navigation and design placements following learned conventions. Each step along the way, we meet with the client and explain our strategy and make any necessary changes based on their feedback.
  3. We then present our website design concept to the client and begin the customized build. It is during this phase that custom functionality is built and content is provided.
  4. Before launch, E Catalog Solution website goes through a rigorous testing process. Internally, the website goes through a comprehensive test from the lead developer, lead designer, project manager, SEO specialist, analytics implementation specialist and Team Lead. The website must also pass a client review before launching.
  5. Post launch, there is a review and any necessary modifications and adjustments are made. The website is now ready and is transferred from the project manager to a Customer Relationship Team.